Bakers - a Forfar Tradition


Bakers have a long tradition in Forfar, famous for producing the 'Forfar Bridie'. Jas Mclaren & Son and Saddlers have both baked this local delicacy for many years.

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The Anatomy of a Forfar Bridie

How would you describe a Forfar Bridie?

The classic description, often quoted by Alan Reid, the local historian, was given by Jeems Stark, a one-time local character and frequenter of bakehouses.

According ti Jeems, a bridie was "juist a brodie - a big roond slap o' dough wi' the tap hauf spread wi' steak cut sma' an' chappit ingins."

"Syne the boddom hauf's luftit an' laid ower the tap an' scolpit ee aidge."

"Nick oot twa holes ee tap fauld an' there y'are - a brode pie - a brodie - a bridie."

With acknowledgements to "The Courier".