St. Mary's Well Wind Farm Proposal


Element Power are seeking your opinion on the emerging proposal for a four/five-turbine wind farm that has the potential to generate up to 12MW of clean electricity, the equivalent electricity needs of around 6,300 homes

The development site on the Carse Gray Estate consists of rough grassland and upland vegetation. When the wind farm is operational the local farmer will be able to continue to graze his livestock right up to the base of the turbines.

Element Power and Carse Gray Estate are preparing a planning application and we would like to hear your views before it is submitted to Angus Council later this year.

Why a wind farm on the Carse Gray Estate?

The St Mary’s Well Wind Farm Project is a joint venture between Element Power and the Carse Gray Estate.
The site has an excellent wind resource, is close to the electricity grid and is away from key constraints.

The project would not only make a significant contribution towards creating a safe and secure electricity supply, it will also generate much needed income for this important local estate, helping to protect its future and the livelihoods of those living and working at Carse Gray.

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